Certainly the best episode of the year. This is turning into a very good season. The title makes sense I will explain and note this is a spoiler. This refers to the guard tower that burned during the attack by the W group. It falls causing a breach in the wall with all those walkers outside. This episode was action packed. Lots of tension. But the big thing was that Glen did in fact crawl under the garbage dumpster and survive. He makes it back to Alexandrea and finds the town surrounded by walkers. We assume he is working on a plan to herd them away.

One element I enjoyed the most is the concept of “All life is precious.” The group questions Morgan about him not killing all the bad guys. It’s part of what is so great about the show. It’s about the human condition during an apocalypse and how we cope. Really when you think about it the message of not killing people is interesting. It does seem like most people kill to survive.

A great quote from this episode, “Living Is The Hard Part.” This really kind of sums up the show in one line. And then there was the Glenn quote about you keep on living because you owe it to the dead. Just two more reasons why I think this episode is one of my favorites. The real reason probably has to do with Glenn being alive. I’m not going to lie.

This episode got me thinking. How long has it been in show time sense the outbreak. I know the show has been on for 6 years but it hasn’t been that long on the show. And then I started to wonder how many survivors are left at this point.

I have been saying for months now that you have to build a moat around the city. A wall can be breached. During medieval times castles had walls with a moat. It kept out the humans and I think it would work pretty well to keep Zombies out. Remember herbals farm was safe until the water dried up. Castles used to stock the water with fish. Of course you have to worry about Zombie bacteria contaminating the fish. It’s also a pretty good idea to have a nice supply of water just in case you run out. That being said it has to be large enough so that it doesn’t freeze during the winter.

After this weeks episode maybe they will seriously consider the idea. Heads up refers to the building falling over. Certainly the mid-season finale is going to be action packed tomorrow. You know what would be cool? If no one actually dies for a change. It’s going to have to be hand to hand fighting one Zombie at a time. They cleaned out the prison they can clean out Alexandria.