TWD – Episode 77 “The Next World”

Always spoilers here.  Not trying to imply there is anything wrong with the show. On the contrary. This season is one of the best.  But there have been a lot of what I call script supervisor issues this season.  Just slightly beyond the suspension of disbelief.  In last weeks midseason premier Daryl beats up a guy behind a truck just feet away from everyone without making a noise.  Of course you need that for the surprise missile launcher death of Negan’s men.

This episode the new character Jesus is tied up and left on the side of the road.  But somehow he manages to climb up on the roof of the truck before Daryl and Rick drive off without being heard.  I’m okay with that because it sets up some serious conflict but it’s beyond the normal reality fiction action issues that the show has.

I’m okay with believing our hero’s keep escaping death more times than James Bond.  But it’s these unexplainable things that have me rolling my eyes a little.  With that all said.  It was another great episode this week even with it being a little slower than we have gotten used to.