TWD – Episode 76 “No Way Out”

Bite, Chew, Swallow…Repeat for a minute I thought this was written by the master Quentin Tarantino. Seriously some great dialogue. This could easily be one of the best written episodes yet. Sure it was action packed. Maybe I just missed the show it’s been months. Maybe they just really got good at telling stories. I was reading a post on reddit about there being 5000 Zombies for every living human. You have to assume that the US has a lower ratio just because it’s a first world country and there are a lot more guns. What always gives me issue is that it seems like everyone they come across is bad. Even people that are accepted into the inner circle do bad things. People just kill people. I go by the theory that if this really happened that people would value life even more because there are so few humans left. And I guess I believe that human nature is intrinsically good. Compassion is something that makes us different. Does that disappear in an apocalypse. Or do you need to lack empathy in order to survive in the first place.

Really a great episode. They continue to come up with great plot devices. And the show continues to entertain. Feels like the quality is on the way up. Of course it felt like the at the end of mid-season the stakes got raised so high there was no place to go but down. Looking forward to seeing the reason of the season. 7 more weeks plus 15 weeks of Fear The Walking Dead. Then there is always another season of The Strain. Things are good in horror and gore tvland.