The Walking Dead – Episode 78 “Knots Untie”

I have to admit that I enjoy episodes like tonight “Knots Untie.”  It sets up more plot and story.  It answered my biggest current question who the hell is Jesus? It introduced us to the Hill Top community.  A high lookout that you can see for 5 miles around.  Makes sense.  A solid wall fortress.  But why the hell do that not build a mote around these things.  Like that little wall is gonna keep who out?  And what happens when you end up with a zombie herd.

Another issue that bothers me is what the hell was Alexandrea doing for food all this time?  They didn’t grow crops and farm animals?  Again build a damn note and fill it with fish. Then build another wall around that.

The other burning question I have is about protection.  The Hill Top community is out of animation.  Wouldn’t it make sense to go find some.  This country has enough guns for everyone to have a few.  People make bullets all the time.  Go find some gun powder and make some damn bullets.  More importantly remember Daryl used to always use a bow and arrow.  Why don’t you make some of those?

And my last comment.  Is everyone who survives an apocalypse bad?  How many humans are left and are you going to just murder everyone.  It’s like other people are continually more of the threat than a zombie.

Final comment without giving away a huge spoiler.  The group is obviously making another bad decision that is going to cause more conflict and tragedy.  But you kind of need that for a high tension series finale that comes in just 4 more weeks.

Lots of promos for Fear The Walking Dead.  Then we get the return of the Strain. So all is good in Zombieland.