The Walking Dead – Episode 73

I enjoyed last nights episode “Always Accountable” of the Walking Dead but I must say something felt off about it. Not one of the best ones but I loved the idea of giving Daryl Dixon a feature on an episode. I’m trying to figure out how they came up with the name for the episode.

I want to bring this up. This blog is about Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse on a certain level. It seems to me that rule #1 should be never walk into a dark room when you are exploring a strange environment. There was obviously already one zombie in that office so come on. Rule #2 should be don’t leave zombies alive if they are around you because your putting yourself at risk of getting killed by them.

If there is one aspect of the show that always bothers me it’s the theme that humanity faced with an Apocalypse doesn’t act or behave with humanity. I always say people are selfish, greedy and lazy because that is human nature. I do not believe that human nature would kill others for survival for reason. It’s completely unbelievable that our characters bump into bad humans almost every week.

So Daryl gets knocked out be a group on 2 women and one guy. Then when he shows that he is not a bad guy they screw him over anyway. I find that to be against human nature. I understand they said that the group that they came from didn’t start bad but turned that way. Which I also find unbelievable. Look at this weekends attack in Paris. A muslim guy lived in an apartment next to the concert venue and hid a ton of people in there for safety. I know after 9-11 people seemed a lot more willing to lend a helping hand. I find that to be human nature. When things get tough your take a minute and help. You put your personal quests to the side for a moment.

I just feel like it would be a nice change to have people work together and succeed a little. With every setback there should be some winning also. I feel like that’s what I want to see happen. A few episodes about surviving and working together to win.


I know Daryl is our hero but is he the only good guy left. In this picture he realizes that he stole his stuff back in a bag with medicine that one of them needed to survive. Of course she ended up getting eaten by a zombie minutes later. Which brings me to rule 3 – Don’t go next to dead bodies without first putting a sword thru the skull. I guess that just adds to the conflict and tension.