The Walking Dead – Episode 72

Hard to believe that there have been 72 episodes so far.  Unfortunately what everyone wanted to happen did not.  What is the status of Glenn? We did learn that Maggie is pregnant.  But let’s be honest the only thing worth while in this episode was that she wrote his name on the wall and then erased it.  She has a premonition that something bad happened.  That doesn’t  bod well for his survival from a foreshadowing perspective.  In the comic book he didn’t die until issue 100.  It makes sense to use his death as a finale.  I remembered that he had been around in the first season so I actually re-watched the first few episodes.  Remember how they escaped Atlanta?  The wrapped zombie guts around their bodies and rubbed zombie blood all over them to mask the human scent.  It worked then and my hope is that Glenn uses this again to survive the herd.

Now lets talk about this episode.  I’m debating if it was just poor writing.  Nothing happened.  A lesbian kiss?  Nothing new Alexandria already had a same sex couple.  The cookies. Great Jessie made cookies for her kid.  Then she went and kissed Rick.  Everything seemed anti-climatic after the first few episodes.  They are arguable some of the most intense in the series. I hate to say this but I think the problem was the director.  I felt the same way about the first few episodes of the walking dead.  Sorry Avi Youabian I know this was the first episode you directed but maybe you should stick to editing.  My feeling is that the editing of TWD is what makes the show work.  I can understand why they would give the guy a chance.  In the words of Robert De Niro, “You had your chance and you blew it.”

Episode 72 “Now” is probably my least favorite of the entire series thus far.