The Strain Last Season

Season 4 of the Strain has been announced.  This will be the fourth and final season. While this is good news due to the rating drop last season this will be the final season.  The other good thing about announcing this as the last season is that it will make sure the show has a conclusion. It would have been very traumatic to fans if it never returned. The show has outstanding FX and it isn’t cheap to produce so we should probably all thank Netflix and other streaming platforms making it financially beneficial for shows with strong fan bases to no longer need the 100 episodes for syndication.

The show was based on a series of books so it also made sense for it to only go on for four seasons.  Each season has seen a progression. While the show takes place over a short time period it would also be weird to see actors looking 5 years older when it’s only 5 weeks in television time of the story.

the official season premier date has not been announced but it is believed to be August or September. Typically it has been last summer or early fall.  Last season started slightly later than previous season so we expect the same thing to happen this  year. As you can see from the above image this tv show has the best horror villains on television and we are excited to have one more season.

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