walking dead 81

A lot of filler today. I felt like they kept the action stuff short.  Maybe a smart way to keep the budget down.  Classic quote to Eugene who wanted to kill a walker. “You have a better chance of picking up a turd by the clean end.”

And what is up with Daryl not being able to drive a 5 speed or manual transmission car?  That is real believable.  The guy drives a motor cycle.  He grew up a red neck.  They had automatic pickups?

Basic premise is to go on a run to locate medicine.  Typically that leads to entering a dark warehouse and then the car.  Why do cars always have walker in them?

Over all it was a fun episode.  Nothing particularly worth typing about.  I’m not in feeling like posting spoilers even if no one reads this.

The Walking Dead – Episode 78 “Knots Untie”

I have to admit that I enjoy episodes like tonight “Knots Untie.”  It sets up more plot and story.  It answered my biggest current question who the hell is Jesus? It introduced us to the Hill Top community.  A high lookout that you can see for 5 miles around.  Makes sense.  A solid wall fortress.  But why the hell do that not build a mote around these things.  Like that little wall is gonna keep who out?  And what happens when you end up with a zombie herd.

Another issue that bothers me is what the hell was Alexandrea doing for food all this time?  They didn’t grow crops and farm animals?  Again build a damn note and fill it with fish. Then build another wall around that.

The other burning question I have is about protection.  The Hill Top community is out of animation.  Wouldn’t it make sense to go find some.  This country has enough guns for everyone to have a few.  People make bullets all the time.  Go find some gun powder and make some damn bullets.  More importantly remember Daryl used to always use a bow and arrow.  Why don’t you make some of those?

And my last comment.  Is everyone who survives an apocalypse bad?  How many humans are left and are you going to just murder everyone.  It’s like other people are continually more of the threat than a zombie.

Final comment without giving away a huge spoiler.  The group is obviously making another bad decision that is going to cause more conflict and tragedy.  But you kind of need that for a high tension series finale that comes in just 4 more weeks.

Lots of promos for Fear The Walking Dead.  Then we get the return of the Strain. So all is good in Zombieland.

TWD – Episode 77 “The Next World”

Always spoilers here.  Not trying to imply there is anything wrong with the show. On the contrary. This season is one of the best.  But there have been a lot of what I call script supervisor issues this season.  Just slightly beyond the suspension of disbelief.  In last weeks midseason premier Daryl beats up a guy behind a truck just feet away from everyone without making a noise.  Of course you need that for the surprise missile launcher death of Negan’s men.

This episode the new character Jesus is tied up and left on the side of the road.  But somehow he manages to climb up on the roof of the truck before Daryl and Rick drive off without being heard.  I’m okay with that because it sets up some serious conflict but it’s beyond the normal reality fiction action issues that the show has.

I’m okay with believing our hero’s keep escaping death more times than James Bond.  But it’s these unexplainable things that have me rolling my eyes a little.  With that all said.  It was another great episode this week even with it being a little slower than we have gotten used to.

TWD – Episode 76 “No Way Out”

Bite, Chew, Swallow…Repeat for a minute I thought this was written by the master Quentin Tarantino. Seriously some great dialogue. This could easily be one of the best written episodes yet. Sure it was action packed. Maybe I just missed the show it’s been months. Maybe they just really got good at telling stories. I was reading a post on reddit about there being 5000 Zombies for every living human. You have to assume that the US has a lower ratio just because it’s a first world country and there are a lot more guns. What always gives me issue is that it seems like everyone they come across is bad. Even people that are accepted into the inner circle do bad things. People just kill people. I go by the theory that if this really happened that people would value life even more because there are so few humans left. And I guess I believe that human nature is intrinsically good. Compassion is something that makes us different. Does that disappear in an apocalypse. Or do you need to lack empathy in order to survive in the first place.

Really a great episode. They continue to come up with great plot devices. And the show continues to entertain. Feels like the quality is on the way up. Of course it felt like the at the end of mid-season the stakes got raised so high there was no place to go but down. Looking forward to seeing the reason of the season. 7 more weeks plus 15 weeks of Fear The Walking Dead. Then there is always another season of The Strain. Things are good in horror and gore tvland.

The Walking Dead – Episode 74 – Heads Up

Certainly the best episode of the year. This is turning into a very good season. The title makes sense I will explain and note this is a spoiler. This refers to the guard tower that burned during the attack by the W group. It falls causing a breach in the wall with all those walkers outside. This episode was action packed. Lots of tension. But the big thing was that Glen did in fact crawl under the garbage dumpster and survive. He makes it back to Alexandrea and finds the town surrounded by walkers. We assume he is working on a plan to herd them away.

One element I enjoyed the most is the concept of “All life is precious.” The group questions Morgan about him not killing all the bad guys. It’s part of what is so great about the show. It’s about the human condition during an apocalypse and how we cope. Really when you think about it the message of not killing people is interesting. It does seem like most people kill to survive.

A great quote from this episode, “Living Is The Hard Part.” This really kind of sums up the show in one line. And then there was the Glenn quote about you keep on living because you owe it to the dead. Just two more reasons why I think this episode is one of my favorites. The real reason probably has to do with Glenn being alive. I’m not going to lie.

This episode got me thinking. How long has it been in show time sense the outbreak. I know the show has been on for 6 years but it hasn’t been that long on the show. And then I started to wonder how many survivors are left at this point.

I have been saying for months now that you have to build a moat around the city. A wall can be breached. During medieval times castles had walls with a moat. It kept out the humans and I think it would work pretty well to keep Zombies out. Remember herbals farm was safe until the water dried up. Castles used to stock the water with fish. Of course you have to worry about Zombie bacteria contaminating the fish. It’s also a pretty good idea to have a nice supply of water just in case you run out. That being said it has to be large enough so that it doesn’t freeze during the winter.

After this weeks episode maybe they will seriously consider the idea. Heads up refers to the building falling over. Certainly the mid-season finale is going to be action packed tomorrow. You know what would be cool? If no one actually dies for a change. It’s going to have to be hand to hand fighting one Zombie at a time. They cleaned out the prison they can clean out Alexandria.

The Walking Dead – Episode 73

I enjoyed last nights episode “Always Accountable” of the Walking Dead but I must say something felt off about it. Not one of the best ones but I loved the idea of giving Daryl Dixon a feature on an episode. I’m trying to figure out how they came up with the name for the episode.

I want to bring this up. This blog is about Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse on a certain level. It seems to me that rule #1 should be never walk into a dark room when you are exploring a strange environment. There was obviously already one zombie in that office so come on. Rule #2 should be don’t leave zombies alive if they are around you because your putting yourself at risk of getting killed by them.

If there is one aspect of the show that always bothers me it’s the theme that humanity faced with an Apocalypse doesn’t act or behave with humanity. I always say people are selfish, greedy and lazy because that is human nature. I do not believe that human nature would kill others for survival for reason. It’s completely unbelievable that our characters bump into bad humans almost every week.

So Daryl gets knocked out be a group on 2 women and one guy. Then when he shows that he is not a bad guy they screw him over anyway. I find that to be against human nature. I understand they said that the group that they came from didn’t start bad but turned that way. Which I also find unbelievable. Look at this weekends attack in Paris. A muslim guy lived in an apartment next to the concert venue and hid a ton of people in there for safety. I know after 9-11 people seemed a lot more willing to lend a helping hand. I find that to be human nature. When things get tough your take a minute and help. You put your personal quests to the side for a moment.

I just feel like it would be a nice change to have people work together and succeed a little. With every setback there should be some winning also. I feel like that’s what I want to see happen. A few episodes about surviving and working together to win.


I know Daryl is our hero but is he the only good guy left. In this picture he realizes that he stole his stuff back in a bag with medicine that one of them needed to survive. Of course she ended up getting eaten by a zombie minutes later. Which brings me to rule 3 – Don’t go next to dead bodies without first putting a sword thru the skull. I guess that just adds to the conflict and tension.

The Walking Dead – Episode 72

Hard to believe that there have been 72 episodes so far.  Unfortunately what everyone wanted to happen did not.  What is the status of Glenn? We did learn that Maggie is pregnant.  But let’s be honest the only thing worth while in this episode was that she wrote his name on the wall and then erased it.  She has a premonition that something bad happened.  That doesn’t  bod well for his survival from a foreshadowing perspective.  In the comic book he didn’t die until issue 100.  It makes sense to use his death as a finale.  I remembered that he had been around in the first season so I actually re-watched the first few episodes.  Remember how they escaped Atlanta?  The wrapped zombie guts around their bodies and rubbed zombie blood all over them to mask the human scent.  It worked then and my hope is that Glenn uses this again to survive the herd.

Now lets talk about this episode.  I’m debating if it was just poor writing.  Nothing happened.  A lesbian kiss?  Nothing new Alexandria already had a same sex couple.  The cookies. Great Jessie made cookies for her kid.  Then she went and kissed Rick.  Everything seemed anti-climatic after the first few episodes.  They are arguable some of the most intense in the series. I hate to say this but I think the problem was the director.  I felt the same way about the first few episodes of the walking dead.  Sorry Avi Youabian I know this was the first episode you directed but maybe you should stick to editing.  My feeling is that the editing of TWD is what makes the show work.  I can understand why they would give the guy a chance.  In the words of Robert De Niro, “You had your chance and you blew it.”

Episode 72 “Now” is probably my least favorite of the entire series thus far.